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supportive friends

Thankful Thursdays: A Supportive Friend

I’ve decided to start a weekly posts series Thankful Thursdays. It’s a great way to force myself into posting weekly and also a good way to put my week in perspective. 

This week, I’m going full blown emotional Cancerian mode and giving thanks to a (not-so) silent supporter.

Just the other day, I was speaking to a friend about the goals I had for my “brand”. She did what she always does, listened and supported my ventures. She watches all my YouTube videos the day I post them, even though I’ve told her it isn’t necessary. She reads everything I write, despite the fact that we talk roughly 20 hours a day and therefore she knows most of what I post before it’s even posted. 

When my life gets overwhelmingly unfortunate. She forces me to see the silver lining— even when I’m dead set on reducing myself to misery. After nearly a decade of driving each other crazy, I can always count on her for an honest opinion to my “What Would You Do…” scenarios— both the ridiculous and the serious ones.  

At a point where I’m refocusing my energies on bringing to life the the vision for SomewhereAlways that I have vividly fleshed out in my mind, I am truly thankful for my perpetual sounding board.

Also, she’s a pretty good Spanish translator and makes the best hookah flavor suggestions.

Yennifer Altagracia Aguasvivas-Ozuna, Thank you!