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The Beginning… Again is a testimony to the deep levels of my procrastination. I bought this URL over a year ago. I had purchased many URLs over the years, depending on what mood I was in or what hobby I had picked up. When I bought SomewhereAlways, I told myself I’d be a travel blogger. I had lived abroad. In fact, I was actively living abroad when I made the purchase. SomewhereAlways was going to be an extension of all the cool, adventurous and sometimes strange things I experienced overseas


One month into my purchase, however, it hit me- travel blogging wasn’t for me. In an already over-saturated market, I wasn’t ready to occupy another redundant corner of the interweb. I was disinterested in chronicling every detail of my life abroad.  I didn’t want to photograph every moment of every excursion I took. And to be quite frank, I was overweight and running out of makeup in Korea, on top of never being photogenic to begin with. All of the above made react even more viscerally to the idea of taking strategic photos in front of beautiful landscapes and ancient buildings.


At the same time, I was actively recording YouTube videos with my gal pal Candice. YouTube was fun. It allowed me to be vibrant, open and authentic. I could curl my lip and furrow my brow and and feel like myself, not an overly upbeat “made for TV” version of myself the way blogging made me feel. YouTube was easy. It was natural and despite looking terrible for multiple videos, YouTube made my camera anxiety disappear. Sure, piling on makeup and spending several hours on the back end editing out my wordy responses was a daunting task, but overall I was content.


I talked about living abroad. I talked about being Black and of course, I talked about being Black abroad. Words came out of my mouth and people listened. I thought, perhaps, I’d be a travel vlogger. But I never took enough detailed notes of my trip and carrying a camera for a vlog led to the same problems as carrying a camera for a blog. Laziness, lack of forethought and fear of broken technology hindered my attempts at being a travel YouTuber.  More importantly, I was losing interest. I had so many other things to say, so many opinions, so many random thoughts, so many anecdotes. I felt stifled by the idea of ONLY discussing travel. So I didn’t.


I discussed being Latina. I ranted over being overweight and told anecdotal stories about people who worked my last nerve. THIS was the SomewhereAlways I always wanted; multi-faceted, comically introspective and a healthy balance of content that would make you laugh, make you think and would uplift your spirit. Though some seemed confused by my shift in focus given the name, to me, it’s perfectly sensible.


And so here I am; 15 months, 26-ish videos, 3 deleted blog posts, a half year hiatus later. I’ve returned to where it all started with a much clearer vision and a more determined spirit. I’m so excited to be expanding the scope of SomewhereAlways and making it synonymous with dynamic living. Travel, opinions, humor, cynicism, health, wealth and storytelling.
Welcome, again, to SomewhereAlways!


  • Béatrice

    May 29, 2017 at 12:44 pm

    Indeed, welcome again to SomewhereAlways !
    I’ve been watching your videos since the beginning.I had also read the articles of your previous blog. This might seem cliché to say, but your authenticity, honesty and simplicity are a breath of fresh air. You’re also very articulate and very pleasant to listen to. So please stay just like that et bon courage pour la suite 🙂
    Love from France 🙂

    • Tee

      June 18, 2017 at 12:17 pm

      Thanks so much! A friend of mine recently got on my case for not being consistent. So I’ve refocused my energy. I’ll have a monthly newsletter coming out starting August — so stay posted for the sign-up. It’s so great (and strange lol) to hear that people actually follow me 🙂